sample of the regent canal water(2009)
video installation

Jaemini Kim, Head of Regent Canal Flâneur ,
requests the pleasure of you at the launch of

Traced Overhead – The Musical Moments of Regent Canal,

Saturday 10 January, 2009


The Royal Plastic Bags
With City Wonders

Traced Overhead is the London Regent Canal’s first all-day big out door festival in Hacnkey from 9 am to 3 pm Saturday 10th January. This 1-day offers over 6 hours of continuous free entertainment.  The unique festival presents block baskets, new plastic bag releases and classic rubbish such as Old books, Dead Foxes, Frozen bread, Toy Story and live sounds relays of Canal Swans from the Hackney Council, interspersed with the latest news from house boat residents. This is supposedly the first time London City brings all its dynamic arts objects together to showcase the best of their broad flow.  

Jaemini Kim, Curator
Tel: 07824 368 324



sample of water from gemini kim on Vimeo.